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Retail Essentials – Selling Balloons Today

LEVEL: Intermediate

Refresh and familiarise your balloon and business skills with the Retail Essentials Course.

This course has helped many find success over the years, and hundreds have found it to be a direct help to boosting their business. This re-launched Retail Essentials Course was designed with the intention of helping shops/retailers and online businesses improve their selling on Instagram, Facebook, and other online platforms. We have revamped this course in the understanding that “brick and mortar” is no longer the only standard of selling, and many are turning to social media and online platforms to conduct the bulk of their business. Participants will have the hands-on opportunity to learn about the changing trends of the balloon world, including air-filled stacks, bundles/mini packages, garlands, and other high selling offerings. Air-fill designs will be especially emphasized, especially as helium availability remains low. This course will teach attendees to improve all skills and give them profitable knowledge on building and sustaining their Qualatex balloon business.

Please note this course is not suitable for beginners. Those new to balloon work are strongly recommended to first undertake the “Fundamentals” course.

INCLUDES: Delegates will receive a link with professional photography of the designs and packages covered on the day, as well as recipes sheets and handouts upon completion of the course.