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NEW! What's Hot: Air-filled Fun

LEVEL: Intermediate/advanced 

Ideal for Retailers and Decorators

Structures, sculpting and photo props

This exciting new class is 100% air-filled, and packed with profitable "Pinterest-worthy" ideas! Capturing and sharing beautiful images on Instagram and Pinterest is now part of our everyday life - and as a result, balloons are trendier than they have ever been, with stylists, planners (and mums!) now heading straight to social media images to help shape their vision for their next event!. This new course, designed in collaboration with one of the industry's top balloon artists, Luc Bertrand who will share a host of on-trend decor designs that sell and offer tons of hints and tips - it's sure to motivate you to take your balloon and business skills to the next level. So come along to learn a multitude of techniques to create scripts, logos, sculptures, letters, numbers and more!

This is a hands on class and you will learn how to design and work with foamboards, alu rods, GRIDZ systems and other great tools for creating your perfect balloon sculptures. 
The day schedule is as follows:

INCLUDES: A link to photos of the designs taught on the day (perfect for sharing on social media!)

PREREQUISITES: This is an intermediate/advanced class and is not recommended for inexperienced candidates. As a minimum, all candidates are recommended to have completed and be confident in applying techniques taught on Qualatex Fundamentals courses.



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Mastering Venue Decor

LEVEL: Intermediate

This course is designed to provide inspirational design ideas for decorating different types of venues, whether it is for big milestone birthdays, anniversaries or themed parties. The course will focus on the main parts of the venue that have the most importance to the client and where balloons can create the most impact, such as entrance, stage or dance floor, focal points, photo opportunities and table centerpieces. Delegates will gain confidence in designing and selling professional balloon décor, learn how to maximise sales by selling the benefits of balloon décor and will expand their balloon décor portfolio with new design ideas!

INCLUDES: a printed booklet and a link to professional photographs.

PREREQUISITES: Requires knowledge of basic skills such as spiral Columns and Arches, it is advisable to have attended Fundamentals course prior to signing up to this course.


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Large Installations & Corporate Decor

LEVEL: Advanced

This new two-day class is a hands-on course designed for those who want to learn about making and installing large scale decor and sculptures for corporate clients. This course covers the technical skills and business approach (including safety and pricing modules) to successfully bid for, create, and deliver large scale projects such as shopping mall decor etc.


PREREQUISITES: You should have mastered all basic balloon techniques. Applications of theory are often addressed, including formulas, elements of design, and costs analysis, so you should be knowledgeable in these areas.


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