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Interested in Balloon Modelling or “Twisting”? Here you will find information on our Twisting and Deco-twisting courses that are run regionally across the UK and in Europe. If you are a decorator or balloon retailer and would like to learn how to add value and fun to your balloon offerings, then Twisting Décor Made Easy is the course for you!

Alternatively come and join one of Graham Lee's Care and Share Days, sponsored by Qualatex. These informal days run throughout the year and are great fun for all.

Care and Share Days

Graham Lee's Care and Share Days, sponsored by Qualatex, run throughout the year and are great fun for all. These informal days are designed for balloon twisters of all levels, great for networking and perfecting your twisting skills. Bring along a hand pump, a bag of 260Qs and a big smile and you are guaranteed a great day!  Look out for inspirational guest Instructors from all around the world.


18/06/19 - Halesowen: Eric Weinstein

19/06/19 - Halesowen: Eric Weinstein


Balloon Jam Hamburg

The Balloon Jam Hamburg is a convention for Balloon Twisters and Decorators near Hamburg. The event is sponsored by Pioneer Europe Ltd, DM Balloon Company and Downtown Event. Whether you are a beginner or a pro – everyone is welcome. The mutual passion for balloons creates a friendly atmosphere and provides a fantastic networking platform where delegates can exchange ideas and techniques.

Our motto: "Show me what you can do – and I’ll show you what I can do."

The Balloon Jam Hamburg offers three unforgettable days of unexpected surprises, balloon artists from around the world, networking opportunities and the chance to meet friends and make new ones. You do not want to miss this event.

5-7 November, 2019

Winter Q Jam

A fun filled day for twisters, entertainers and any balloon professional that would like to perfect their twisting skills.

The day will start with demonstrations of signature designs by our hosts, with free jamming sessions in between where you will have an opportunity to practice any design you wish and learn from each other with product freely available from the jam room.

After lunch, which is included in the day, we will organise some fun competitions for individuals and in groups for an opportunity to create some great designs and win some prizes! A selection of the most popular colours and sizes of Qualatex® modelling balloons will be freely available to use, as well as a selection of 5" and 6" latex prints, Hearts and GEO® Blossoms.

You can’t miss this great day of twisting, networking and having fun!

14 January, 2020

Twisting Decor Made Easy

LEVEL: Intermediate

Twisting Decor Made Easy is a fantastic introduction to Deco-Twisting, covering all the important twisting techniques.  Suitable for beginners, this course is ideal for decorators or retailers and focusses on using modelling balloons to add value and interest to designs with minimal additional cost.

INCLUDES: A course binder with detailed step by step instructions

PREREQUISITES: Requires knowledge of basic skills such as correctly inflating and tying balloons. A basic knowledge of twisting would be advisable.



Weaving with Chrome™

LEVEL: Intermediate

This inspirational hands-on masterclass has been developed to help unleash your creativity using the fantastic Chrome™ Balloons. You can expect to master the weaving technique and other balloon modelling skills, whilst learning to create stunning designs such as balloon vases, handbags, designer hats and even a centerpiece with a high heel shoe! You will also learn the theory behind creating your very own balloon dress and will have an opportunity to see one being finished in front of you! 

This course is perfect for home based decorators, retailers and twisters.

PREREQUISITES: You should have mastered all basic balloon techniques