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Born out of necessity during COVID-19 lockdowns, Happy Hour debuted on April 17, 2020, and quickly became a way for balloon artists to connect with each other during the pandemic. Suddenly finding themselves with too much time on their hands, the balloon community gathered for one hour each week to learn new designs, see familiar faces, and chat with each other!

What began as an admittedly "low-tech" production has grown into a more formal video event (now on a monthly basis) where Cam Woody, CBA, and Eve Antonello, CBA, share sellable, mostly air-filled, designs for the retail store owner and balloon professionals. They also share useful tips & tricks, and demonstrate products that can make your designs easier to assemble and look more polished.

The content is shared in English (by Cam), Portuguese (by native Brazilian Eve), and an on-line translator who types as fast as she can in Spanish!

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About Cam & Eve

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Cam Woody, CBA
Executive Art Director of Publications
Pioneer Balloon Company

Cam has inspired and taught balloon artisans worldwide for nearly three decades. Her depth of experience, creativity, and personality have made her a fan favorite and a most requested instructor! She’s known for producing artistic, sellable designs with a classic and modern flair. With an academic and professional background in graphic design and being a CBA, Cam teaches with a solid understanding of design principles and elements, as well as what will inspire, inform, and captivate customers!

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Eve Antonello, CBA
Education Development Manager
Pioneer Balloon Company

Before joining Pioneer in 2018, Eve amassed a great amount of experience as a balloon business owner, international instructor, and award-winning competitor.

Eve is a graduate in Business Administration and started her first balloon decor company, Eve Balões, in Brazil in 1998. She moved to the United States in 2004 to continue her professional growth, and in 2008, she co-founded Party Planet Balloon Decor, based in Miami. Eve is a fan favorite in the Latino community, being fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English, and is known for her fun designs featuring adorable twisted elements (and her cute balloon headbands!)

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