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  • Training Course

The day will be full of information, designs, techniques, hands-on opportunities and a chance to ask Chris questions. Topics included are Organic Garland, Framing, Organic Balloon Cloud and Illuminated Balloons.

Owner of the highly successful "The Balloon Crew" and "Balloons Online" Chris is one of the most popular designers and instructors in the balloon industry and is universally acknowledged as a leading organic balloon designer. On top of this he is one of the nicest and friendliest guys in the industry!

Topics will include:

  • The malleable Organic Garland - Quick discussion on constructing organic garlands and problem solving creative ways to style, install, rig and frame the creation.
  • Framing, basic to intermediate - Using readily available basic materials, Chris will guide you through the best techniques to cut, bend, connect & support your balloon decor.
  • Organic balloon cloud - Design, calculate stock and price an organic cloud using the quick link 'x-grid' method, followed by hands-on build.
  • Illuminated balloons - Unleash your creativity with balloon decor & lighting.  Class will discuss LED lighting products that don't just highlight your decor but form an integral part of the overall design.

You really will not want to miss this class, this is one of only a few opportunities to see Chris teach in the UK.

There will be refreshments supplied through the day and a buffet style lunch.

event-BAPIA-Logo.pngBAPIA organised event, proudly using Qualatex balloons sponsored by Pioneer. 


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