Wedding Trends Masterclass

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Those wanting to keep abreast of the latest trends, so as to inspire even the most style-conscious brides, should look no further than our new Wedding Trends Masterclass.

This class focuses on utilising latest colour trends and accessories to create designs that will be a hit in the season ahead, and also uses the latest products in a variety of innovative ways, to help brides achieve “Pinterest-worthy” pictures of their big day.

There will be a hands-on practical session producing: Elegant and Organic designs, Fun and Interactive elements, and some Retail Deliverables.

Includes: A link to a selection of images from a professional photoshoot.

Prerequisites: Requires knowledge of basic skills such as correctly inflating and tying balloons, making clusters. Delegates should also have an understanding of how to price using a Job Cost form.

Instructor: Tope Abulude CBA

Early Bird 1 Delegate £95
Early Bird 2 Delegates £130
Regular Price 1 Delegate £115
Regular Price 2 Delegates £155

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