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Designed to inspire balloon professionals, this one day Masterclass uses the latest on-trend products and accessories and is perfect for learning new techniques and for adding new designs to a retail or decor portfolio.

This course is designed for retailers and event decorators looking to expand their balloon portfolio with a mixture of deliverable balloon designs as well as bigger balloon décor, focused around these on-trend themes:

  • Tropical parties and Flamingos
  • Unicorns and Rainbows
  • Confetti balloons 
  • Photo frames and photo backdrops

This class is a combination of demonstrations, practical exercises and business tips. 


INCLUDES: A link to recipe sheets and a selection of images from a professional photo shoot.

PREREQUISITES: Requires knowledge of basic skills such as correctly inflating and tying balloons, making clusters. Delegates should also have an understanding of how to price using a Job Cost form.

LEVEL: Intermediate


Contact Lion Balloons to book - https://www.lionballoons.gr/contact/

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