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There are many inflator options available, but how do you decide which is best for you? This article explains the benefits and details of some of the professional air inflators on the market today. PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL INFLATORS MAY BE AVAILABLE TO SHIP TO ALL MARKETS; please contact for more information.

Premium Twin-Air Sizer® II

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  • Digitally and accurately inflates all latex balloons
  • NO OVERHEATING! It can run nonstop for over 300 hours!
  • Timer rolls from 9.9 down to zero without going backwards.
  • No recalibration needed!
  • Manual inflation mode when timer is set to 0.0 seconds.
  • Comes with set of Nozzles for different shapes and sizes of balloons.
  • Hands-free foot pedal
  • Counts the number of inflations and easy reset function


With two outlets that inflate all sizes of Latex, a hand-free foot pedal and NO overheating, the Premium Twin-Air-Sizer® II is a good option for decorators working on air-filled Balloon Decor that requires balloons be sized accurately. It has enough power to inflate double-stuffed balloons and is perfect for inflating Columns, Arches, and Balloon Walls!


Premium Smart-Twist®

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  • Small, electric and battery operated inflator specifically designed for all sizes of modeling balloons. ​
  • Powerful enough to inflate double-stuffed balloons.
  • Digital display with battery level indicator.
  • Digital sizing capabilities with time adjustment buttons.
  • Battery can be charged during use for extended performance.
  • Shoulder strap harness
  • Detachable ribbon cutter


The battery and shoulder strap make this a good, portable choice for on-the-go Balloon Entertainers. 


Premium Cool Aire® 4

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  • Designed for mass Inflation of latex balloons with 4-nozzles. ​
  • Three “Speed-Switch” settings for high pressure for small latex down to low pressure for large latex.
  • Inflates 1, 2, 3 or 4-balloons at one time, when using the supplied nozzle caps to close off “un-used” nozzles for faster inflation.
  • Comes with set of Nozzles for different shapes and sizes of balloons.


With FOUR outlets that inflate bubbles and most sizes of latex balloons (with the exception of 160Qs), two hand-free foot pedals and NO overheating, the Premium Cool Aire® 4 is a workhouse that can tackle the largest of decor jobs. This inflator is great for large Organic installations, and with four outlets, multiple people can be working on the machine at once!


Premium FoilPro®

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  • Convenient Hose for Inflation of Microfoil balloons
  • Uses Premium’s patented “Cool Aire® Technology” to inflate with cool air.
  • Special nozzles provide proper inflation pressure for all balloons.
  • Special suction-cup feet secure FoilPro® during inflation.
  • Comes with set of Nozzles for different shapes and sizes of balloons.
  • Back pressure at the base of the nozzle lets you know when the Microfoil balloon is fully inflated


The Premium FoilPro® was specially designed for foil balloons, but it's also perfect for latex balloons. Don't let the name fool you... this machine will inflate 11" and larger Latex, as well as Microfoil balloons. Perfect for anyone who inflates a lot of foil balloons.


Premium MicroAir®

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  • Includes Premium’s “Push-Down” nozzle activated switch for momentary operation.
  • Can also switch to continuous air to speed up your work
  • Includes Foil Nozzle Adaptor.
  • Economically priced and compact for all occasions


Small and economical, this machine will get you started if you're on a budget. It's also a great tool to keep in your van or equipment room as backup and last-minute fixes on the job. Keep in mind, however, that this machine does not inflate 5" latex or most entertainer balloons.


Premium Mini Cool Aire® DualPro™

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  • The only two speed inflator designed for Latex & Foil! ​
  • Lower “Foil Pressure” prevents valve damage.
  • For low pressure inflation place large foil adaptor on the nozzle to automatically operate in ‘low speed’ mode.
  • Nozzle-activated switch for momentary use.
  • Comes with set of Nozzles for different shapes and sizes of balloons. (Nozzles can also be purchased separately)


The Premium Mini Cool Aire® DualPro™ is perfect for balloon decor jobs heavy in Microfoil balloons. With one outlet that inflates 11" and larger latex, as well as Microfoil and Bubble Balloons, it's a good option for decorators working on medium-sized decor jobs.


Conwin AIR FORCE 4™

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  • Unmatched for its speed and efficiency
  • Designed to maintain a fixed temperature and not overheat on large jobs.
  • Can be foot-pedal controlled or set to the continual “ON” mode for mass inflation of latex balloons.
  • Quickly inflate 16″ and larger latex balloons in 1/3 of the time with the Large Balloon Inflation Hose 
  • Extension Tips Make Inflating 5″ & Specialty Balloons Fast and Easy!


For teams of balloon decorators, the Air Force 4 is a must-have for on-the-job decorating. Known for its power and speed, multiple people can work on the inflator at once to create gorgeous installations quickly. When working on a tight deadline, this inflator will help get the job done on time!


Conwin Precision Air™ V6

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  • Adjust the inflation time by tenths of a second for precision sizing.
  • Includes a built-in, adjustable cycle counter that tracks the number of balloons inflated.
  • Set the sizing to inflate two balloons the same size or two different sizes at the same time.
  • Auto-Inflate Cycle allows you to set your desired balloon size and tap the foot pedal three times to activate. Auto-Inflate Cycle automatically inflates balloons every 4 seconds.


If your jobs frequently require that you inflate exactly-sized duplets, this machine is for you! Inflate any size round balloon and entertainer balloons 2” in diameter and larger with the Precision Air™ V6. Also handy for designs that call for duplets with 2 different sizes of balloons, this machine will help you quickly and efficiently create Columns, Arches, Balloon Walls, and more!


Qualatex® Hand Air Inflator Lime Green

  • Dual-action inflator
  • Tapered nozzle for easy inflation of 5", 6", 260Q, 321Q, and 350Q latex balloons
  • Improved nozzle and non-roll structure


Every balloon professional should have at least one hand pump in their toolbox! Great for inflating Latex, Bubbles, and Microfoil balloons, the Qualatex hand pump is ideal for quick repairs and sizing smaller balloons.


Qualatex® Pocket Pump

Compact, dual-action pump has a tapered nozzle designed to fit 160Q and 260Q balloons.


Made specifically for 160Q and 260Q balloons, this small and portable hand pump is perfect for Balloon Entertainers as well as Decorators who incorporate Deco-Twisting in their work.