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In recent years, the demand for custom colour balloons has skyrocketed. Whether it is to match a logo colour or special wedding hue, double-stuffing latex balloons is a common way to match specific colours to an event, especially in organic decor. Layer latex from the extensive range of Qualatex® balloon colours to create custom multidimensional shades. Use these combinations to create delicate hues for every occasion.  

Popular Custom Colour Palettes

Chalky Pastels

Chalky pastels are created by stuffing vibrant colours inside Qualatex white latex. Using double-stuffing, these balloons take on a matte appearance that creates a unique look, similar to chalk on a blackboard.

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Warm Pastels

For warmer pastel shades, stuff balloons into colours with warm tones like Ivory Silk, Pink, and Blush. The double-stuffing provides an extra dimension that simply cannot be achieved with a single balloon.

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Chrome Custom Colours

Combine the “Solid Shine” of Chrome with the Pastel Pearl and Jewel collections from the Qualatex® Rainbow of Colours to create custom colours that are rich, radiant, and reflective.

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Hot Trend: Custom Pastel Colours

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