Make party decor that ROARS with these air-filled decor and delivery ideas that are perfect for jungle, safari, barnyard, and other animal themes.

Party themes featuring animals are super trendy right now, and Microfoil special shape animal heads are an easy way to add some "personality plus" characters into your balloon decor. Many designs are available in coordinating large special shapes and air-fill mini shapes, so you can provide party favors such as headbands and candy cups to match your large decor and delivery pieces!

The "Super" Animal

The most basic of air-filled designs, these "supers" deliver all of the fun with none of the hassle of helium! Use 11" round latex balloons in a coordinating animal print or solid color to create a 4-balloon cluster base and top them with a Microfoil animal head. Add a curly 260Q tail for extra flair!

The Animal "Balloon Buddy"

A special shape animal head stacked on an 18" Microfoil balloon, with a latex base, creates an easy delivery with pizzazz! 260Q "arms" are an alternative option to the adorable paws shown on this design. Add extra value with special touches like this butterfly perched on his nose!

Learn how to connect two Microfoil balloons here.

As an alternate to the 18" Microfoil for the animal belly, try Qualatex Bubble Balloons or Deco Bubbles! Double stuff with a message Microfoil or latex, or go Gumball style with several small latex balloons. Learn how to create a Gumball here.

The animal arms are perfect for holding a helium filled balloon for a special delivery!

Another option is to use a 12" QuickLink instead of a Microfoil or Bubble Balloon in the middle. The Animal Balloon Buddies stand at the perfect height for kisses from the birthday boy or girl!

The Stuffing Balloon Belly Animal

Using Qualatex 18" latex stuffing balloons gives you the ability to add gift items to the belly of the Animal. Learn how to create a stuffed balloon here.


The Animal "Stand Up"

Follow the steps in this robot standup instruction sheet to make the body for any animal, customizing the latex colors to match the head you are using. Add a single message balloon or a bouquet to personalize to the occasion!

The Animal Column

The long-necked giraffe lends itself well to creating tall decor pieces for any room! Get instructions here.

The Animal "Mini Buddy" 

How cute are these miniature versions of the Balloon Buddy, using the 14" air-fill animal heads? Learn how to use a heat sealer on air-fill Microfoil animal heads

Get more information on how to make this Barnyard scene in Sue Bowler's blog post!