Order the Portfolio to get a sample of every manufactured Qualatex latex colour. How many new colour combinations will you create?

Product Specs

Product Number:  57754
Dimensions:  12”x8.75”x2”
Material:  24 pt. SBS for durability
Features:  Three Swivelling Panels with a Locking Tab Closure

Colour Sample Details

  • Includes a sample of all 86 Qualatex latex colours (one extra slot for the next new colour)
  • Agate and Neon samples are in 11”
  • All other colour samples are in 5”

Note:  a sample pack of the 11” Chrome line is included until 5” Chrome are produced.

Added Bonus: Back Inside Panels

  1. Qualatex Custom Colour Chart showing how to make 70 additional custom colours
  2. Colour Wheel with explanation of the four basic colour harmonies
  3. Size comparison chart for entire Qualatex latex line

To order, call +44 1279 501090 or email pelorder@qualatex.com.