June is Pride Month, a month to celebrate and support LGBTQI+ members of our communities. Read on for ways to boost your business for this colourful month!

Spread the Love with corporate Décor

With the largest businesses getting involved with Pride events, and even changing their corporate logos throughout Pride month, now is the time to offer your services to decorate their premesis with balloons!

Make sure to include a stack of business cards, or some identification on the décor so everyone who sees it knows who it was created by and it might lead to furhter business!

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Parade Decor with PRIDE

Designing and building parade décor is a great way to expand your product offering and bolster your portfolio. Pride parades provide decorators the opportunity to create unique and vibrant designs. Check out some top tips in our article "Parade Decor with PRIDE," for successful parade decor.

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No Parade? No Problem!

No parade in your area? You can still celebrate! Many places have street parties and decorate their houses with rainbows and flags to show support and join in the festivites!

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Instruction Sheet

This rainbow arch is the perfect accent for any PRIDE event! Download free instructions here!

Marketing Materials

Download these social media images to help promote your business during PRIDE month.

Partyware to Complete the Event

The Pioneer Party Rainbow Ombre Style Range is stylish, bold and the number-one choice for an Insta-worthy party! With partyware and accessories all available in the vivid colour arrangement, even the dullest of rooms can be completely transformed for a picture-perfect gathering.

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