The last few months have been undeniably challenging on many levels. Family and business lives have been affected worldwide, but working in an industry, as we do, that has “bringing joy” as its raison d’etre, we are in a good position to do our bit to help spread some cheer.

As the saying goes, “the darker the storm, the brighter the rainbow” – so as businesses all over the world begin to re-open, in a series of articles this month, we thought we’d spend some time looking at all things rainbow and share some insights, recipes and social media resources you may find useful.

“Are You Open?”

So the first question businesses will need to answer is “Are you Open?” Are all your potential customers aware of the services you are currently offering? 

Some quick boxes to check:

[ ] Is your website up to date with your latest service offering? 
[ ] Are you promoting your services on social media?  
[ ] Does your shop window tell people when you are opening / how to reach you? 
[ ] Does your voicemail have a relevant message?
[ ] Are customers aware of how to contact you – and have you advised typical response times to manage their expectations?
[ ] Are you promoting relevant products and services?  

Have you adapted your offering?  If big event décor isn’t likely to be a strong area for a while, ensure you bring relevant gift and party-at-home offerings to the forefront on all your communications.

The Grand Re-Opening:  Rainbow Arch “Recipe of the Month”


Are you promoting the fact that you are now open to everyone who passes by? Why not announce your grand re-opening with a fabulous store-front rainbow arch?  Download our Rainbow Recipe of the Month to see how to make this fabulous décor piece - and remember to offer your services to all the local businesses around you too! 

Wouldn’t it be great if THE standard way to announce a store re-opening worldwide became a rainbow balloon arch…?!

What Do You Offer?

So, from all your amazing posts and feedback, we know the following areas are really trending up:

  • Milestone birthday celebrations
  • Gift bouquet deliveries
  • Party in a Box deliveries
  • “Yard-Art” or Garden décor
  • “Zoom Party” backdrops
  • “Party at Home” bundles

So do make sure you have some great examples of your work on show online and in-store. 

In this issue we will share some ideas for the first four of these categories:

  1. It’s all about the Number…Milestone Birthday Celebrations
    With the combination of Qualatex and Northstar Balloons, creating fabulous milestone deliveries has never been easier. Whether your end-customer is 8 or 80, there’s a “wow, remember 2020” social media post just waiting for your décor!

    Make sure you have plenty of milestone birthday bouquets and rainbow décor ideas available for customers to choose from.  


  1. Gifting Rainbow Balloon Bouquets
    Can’t be with loved ones on their special day? Send a balloon bouquet! Everyone’s loving a rainbow right now, so why not echo this in your deliverable designs portfolio. 

    This “Shinin' through the clouds” option is perfect for personalisation – and who doesn’t like rainbow cake? 
    For more bouquet inspiration click here

  1. Party in a Box Deliveries
    What better way to create a little excitement than delivering a large box, filled with a helium balloon and lots of mini air-filled balloons! A simple Bubble Balloon with collar, in a box, with assorted rainbow coloured 5” latex or mini-air-fill foils is sure to delight any recipient! 

    Check out this video from Chris Adamo CBA and the crew at Balloons Online!
  1. Rainbow “Yard-Art”
    Garden décor has boomed recently, helped by great early-season weather. Whether it’s saying thank you to key-workers, holding a drive-by baby shower or celebrating the new arrival in a family, a garden rainbow design is sure to catch the eye and guaranteed to raise a smile – even Ted and Betty agree!  So, while the weather is good, why not show what you can offer in your shop window and online. 

Rainbows for PRIDE

June is Pride month – and although there may be fewer of the gloriously colourful parades this year, rainbow décor is a fabulous way to show your support!

Next week: Rainbow Party at Home Décor and Social Media Assets