The Very Best Balloons

Toda ocasião merece The Very Best Balloons. E você também. Role a tela e descubra por quê.

The Choice of Professionals

Our balloons are more than balloons – they’re a way to educate, to decorate, to celebrate, to inspire, to profit, and to dream. They’re why more balloon professionals choose Qualatex than any other brand.


  • Provides professional development through the QBN program and CBA designation.
  • Hosts the World Balloon Convention (WBC), the world’s largest gathering of balloon professionals.
  • Offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Your satisfaction is our success, which is why we’re committed to it 100%. If anything falls short of our commitment, let us know.



Qualatex has the best quality balloons on the market. So no matter what I create, whether it’s a dragon sculpture or a room full of balloon decor, I can always trust Qualatex balloons to help me get the job done, and done beautifully.

Derek Wong, CBA, Twisted Inflations, Ontario, Canada


“Quality” – it’s in our name, and it’s the cornerstone of our four key values. Everything we do – from the balloons we make to the events we host – is done with quality in mind.


From concept to customer, innovation permeates every step of the Qualatex creative process – because you deserve The Very Best Balloons on the market.


Knowledge is key to success. That’s why we offer year-round education opportunities – so you can grow your business.


The cornerstone of our key values may be quality, but our customers are the mortar that binds these values together. This is why our service team is dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Our Industry Involvement

Pioneer Europe Limited is a founding member of the European Balloon and Party Council (the “EBPC”). More information on the EBPC and its policies can be found here .  

Enjoy Balloons Responsibly

Pioneer Europe Limited subscribe to the EBPC Code of Best Practice for Balloons , promoting the responsible, safe and fun use of balloons.

Our Policy on Balloon Releases

Pioneer Europe Limited, as a member of the EBPC, does not support balloon releases, as we wish to protect the environment from any unnecessary litter. 

We urge our customers not to endorse or undertake balloon releases and our message to consumers is “Don’t let go”.

Please dispose of balloons responsibly.

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