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Qualatex products are made to go together! From unique Microfoil special shapes and 18” rounds, to gorgeous Bubble Balloons, and every Qualatex latex colour, they’re a match made in balloon heaven!

Inspire, Create & Share Masterclass

 | Essex, United Kingdom

Join Zoe Adams-Jones, CBA, for this full-day masterclass, where she will share with delegates how she finds inspiration for new clients and how she presents and pitches her ideas. The influence of social media has increased customer expectations for beautifully styled events and settings, and this class will help delegates understand the styling process to create visual impact when styling an event or scene, including applying the Principles and Elements of Design and how to create your own individual style.


I love all the knowledge and creativity oozing out of the classrooms, jam rooms, and competition rooms at Qualatex events. I love being with people who understand my balloon talk and who are as passionate about the art of balloons as I am. I've found my tribe!

Jackie Ochitwa, CBA, With a Twist Balloon Creations, Airdrie, Canada