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1st Birthdays are Big Business!

First birthday parties are big business and getting bigger each year! In a recent survey by Sainsbury's, the average parent spends around £280 when throwing a party for their 1 year old, and that's before buying any presents! 80% of parents surveyed say they'll be spending more on their child's party than last year, so now is the time to grab your piece of the profits!

The Extraordinary Deco Bubble!

Have you integrated the Qualatex Clear Deco Bubble Balloon™ into your design repertoire? This versatile balloon is customisable to any event you can think of! From balloon deliveries to stunning decor, the Deco Bubble is the workhorse of your balloon stock! Read on to learn everything you need to get started with this awe-inspiring product!

Business Booster: Weddings

The beauty of wedding business is that it's not just one event... it's several! From the engagement, to the parties, to the ceremony and the honeymoon, every step of the way presents a sales opportunity. Get inspired by this idea-filled article!

All About Bubbles Mini Masterclass

 | Walsall, UK

Whether you're new to Bubbles or simply looking for some new on-trend ideas, this fun-filled mini-masterclass will inspire you and help you grow your balloon business! Lucy Hennessy, CBA will showcase personalisation, stuffing techniques, and inflation tips and tricks, all while creating a host of inspirational designs with Qualatex Bubbles and Deco Bubble Balloons!


I love all the knowledge and creativity oozing out of the classrooms, jam rooms, and competition rooms at Qualatex events. I love being with people who understand my balloon talk and who are as passionate about the art of balloons as I am. I've found my tribe!

Jackie Ochitwa, CBA, With a Twist Balloon Creations, Airdrie, Canada