Our Industry Involvement

Pioneer Europe Limited is a founding member of the European Balloon and Party Council (the “EBPC”). More information on the EBPC and its policies can be found here .  

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Natural Product Poster

Qualatex latex balloons are made of natural rubber latex and are 100% biodegradable. Download this poster to find out more. 


What happens to a latex balloon after it pops?

In today’s environmentally-conscious world, this is a question balloon decorators must be prepared to answer. Read more in our article "100% Latex, 100% Sustainable."

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Enjoy Balloons Responsibly

Pioneer Europe Limited subscribe to the EBPC Code of Best Practice for Balloons , promoting the responsible, safe and fun use of balloons.

Our Policy on Balloon Releases

Pioneer Europe Limited, as a member of the EBPC, does not support balloon releases, as we wish to protect the environment from any unnecessary litter. 

We urge our customers not to endorse or undertake balloon releases and our message to consumers is “Don’t let go”.

Please dispose of balloons responsibly.




1812031_PEL_Environmental-Marketing-Materials-Sales-Sheet_EnglishCheck out our new collection of Environmental Marketing Materials , with printed posters, packs of leaflets and care cards available to order now!




PEL_Marketing_MB21372_Avery_L3416_TemplateThese stickers will fit the underside of many commonly used balloon weights. Simply download the artwork free of charge and print onto standard A4 Avery L3416 label sheets.