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Balloon decorators around the world count on Qualatex to provide products, inspiration and education that help them bring popular party themes and decorating trends to life. Here, we bring all three together on one page to provide a one-stop shop for all the latest trends and themes in the balloon world.

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Popular Party Themes

Fiesta Balloon Decor

Whether it's Cinco de Mayo, Taco Tuesday or a simple summer party, a Fiesta theme is sure to brighten everyone's day! 

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Outer Space

The interest in planets, galaxies, and all things "out of this world" is trending higher and higher! Bring their dream party to life with these high-flying decor ideas! 

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Llama Balloon Decor

Llamas are jumping all over the party scene!

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Bee Balloon Decor

Convey happiness and optimism with the bright yellow hues of a Bee-themed party or delivery.

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Garden Party Balloon Decor

Wherever your garden is, garden parties are all the rage!

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Magical Balloon Decor

Think fairies, mermaids, unicorns, narwhals and rainbows... all things magical and wondrous!

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Balloon Decor Trends

Yard Art

Take the celebration outdoors with delightfully colorful balloon decor for occasions of all types, from birthdays to babies!

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Custom Colour Balloon Decor

Whether it is to match a logo colour or special wedding hue, double-stuffing latex balloons is a common way to match specific colours to an event.

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Organic Balloon Decor

Using balloons inflated to a variety of sizes, organic balloon decor integrates seamlessly with the space in which it's installed.

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