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Recipe of the Month: Will You Bee My Valentine?

This adorable delivery design's sweet message of love is perfect for any age. The Sweet Bee 38" Microfoil™ (#16376) perches atop the new 18" Heart Bee Mine Hearts Microfoil (#16753), with twisted latex flower accents to add increased perceived value!

Business Booster: Prepare For Weddings Galore In 2021!

Millions of weddings take place every year, but analysts are predicting 2021 will be the busiest ever year for the wedding industry. Planned 2021 weddings are combining with postponed 2020 weddings to create a bumper wedding calendar, all through the year!

Recipe of the Month: Have a Sparkling New Year!

A little bubbly is always a good idea! Toast to the new year with the new Pop Fizz Clink (#15043) and Golden Bubbly Wine Bottle (#98219) Microfoils, accented by Chrome™ Gold and White champagne bubbles. Perfect for interior decor or delivery!

Recipe of the Month: Shine Bright!

This adorable stand up features the new "Red-Nosed Reindeer" 35" Microfoil™ festively decked out with a latex balloon scarf, mittens, and Christmas lights tangled in his antlers! It's a special delivery to say "Merry Christmas" to friends & family, while providing long-lasting air-filled decor!


Leading the final night after party decor design at the World Balloon Convention in 2018 was one of my biggest successes. Putting together such a huge installation with volunteers and students from all around the world was just amazing. The sense of communal accomplishment was energizing.

Chris Adamo, CBA, The Balloon Crew, Sydney, Australia