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2023 Sustainability Update: About Our Latex

We take great pride in the origin of our raw materials. Our latex supplier provides housing, schools, hospitals, and community centers for tens of thousands of individuals across their plantations. They work alongside community members to identify opportunities for education and growth by supporting local farmers to reforest degraded land and develop sustainable farms as well as supporting the socio-economic development of over 40 local and indigenous communities neighboring their plantations. 

Qualatex Latex Balloons are NOT Plastic

Qualatex latex balloons have been tested and proven to be made with Natural Rubber Latex as the only polymer. No other polymers or plastics are added or are present in testing.* Qualatex latex balloons contain a minimum of 91% latex polymer, with the remainder made up of additives for strength, elasticity, colour, and shelf life stability.
* Tests performed by an independent laboratory facility in 2023.

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Qualatex Latex Balloons are NOT Plastic


Fast Facts

  • Our latex balloons are made from Natural Rubber Latex (NRL).
  • Latex is harvested by tapping the rubber tree in a manner that does not harm the tree.
  • Each tree—and there are billions—consumes CO₂, thus reducing global warming.
  • When latex is processed, each part of the product is used.
  • After the tree no longer produces latex, it is harvested and its wood is turned into lumber.
  • Each year mature trees are tapped, old trees are harvested, new trees are planted, and CO₂ is consumed.

Fact: In order for balloons to function as you expect them to, there must be additives for colour, elasticity, durability, and shelf life.