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Giphy Stickers

Add that little "extra" to your Instagram Stories using Qualatex GIPHY Stickers, or share our cute balloon animations in your posts!

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Facebook Cover Photos

Download beautifully crafted cover photos, created by a professional graphic designer at Pioneer, and upload it to your Facebook page.

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Ready-Made Social Media Posts

Qualatex has created simple social media posts using the latest Qualatex bouquets with fun headlines within the graphic. These designs make it simple to promote products with minimal effort on your part.

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These social media graphics were created to use during shutdowns to remind your customers to continue to celebrate with balloons when possible. Available in English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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Qualatex Lifestyle Images

Many of the lifestyle photos used on our social media accounts are available to you to download and share on your social media account!

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2020_enviroment_ english_plastic.jpg

Qualatex has created a suite of posters, leaflets, care cards and social media posts in 24 languages to help you communicate with your customers about balloons and their impact on the environment.

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