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How-To: Advanced Figure

Triceratops by Vadim Shushkanov, CBA

This creature is dino-mite!




The Artist

Vadim Shushkanov, CBA
Moscow, Russia


5 Lime Green 6" Hearts
1 Lime Green 321Q
2 White 321Q
1 Onyx Black 160Q
1 White 260Q
3 Lime Green 260Q
1 White 350Q
5 Lime Green 350Q

Note: Vadim has replaced several of the Lime Green 350Qs and one Lime Green 260Q with other colors to more clearly demonstrate the flow and placement of each individual balloon.  Refer to ingredient list for correct products and colors.

Triceratops – Entertainment Pace

Watch Vadim create his triceratops in time-lapse speed.

Triceratops – Education Pace

This video shows Vadim creating the triceratops at a normal pace for you to easily follow along and create the figure yourself.

About the Artist