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Event Recap

Twist & Shout Event Recap

Twist_and_Shout_Event_Logo.jpgIt may have been frigid outside, but that didn’t stop the super-hot classes and competitions from happening at the recent Twist and Shout Convention held in Chicago, Illinois, USA. In spite of the winter deep freeze, over 270 attendees from 18 countries made the trek to the Windy City, and were treated to exceptional education and entertainment.

Qualatex sponsored instructors Nicole Greg, CBA of Nifty Entertainment, Blackwood, South Australia, and Dave Brenn, Los Angeles, California, USA, taught to packed classes throughout the multi-day convention. Pioneer Education Manager Eve Antonello, CBA, as well as Qualatex Ambassadors Silvia Santos, CBA, of Party Planet Balloon Decor in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA, and Billy Damon of Damon Entertainment in Orlando, Florida, USA were present to construct the welcoming lobby decor and host the jam and Q-karaoke!


As a Certified Balloon Artist decorator, it was such an honor and privilege to participate in the Twist & Shout 2019 convention. Even though I do not work as a twister in parties or restaurants, attending the convention has had a tremendous impact in my business as I had the opportunity to learn different designs that I can easily incorporate into my decorations. T&S is not solely a convention for twisters but rather an immense opportunity for learning and I highly recommend this to everyone!

Silvia Santos, CBA, Party Planet, Pompano Beach, Florida, USA

Congratulations to 2019 Top Twister Stephanie Gintz Morace of Balloonatics of Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.  Other competition winners are listed below the event photos.

3 Minute Sculpture Competition
1st Place – Matt Falloon
2nd Place – Stephanie Gintz Morace
3rd Place – Dennis Scott, CBA

12 Minute Sculpture Competition
1st Place – Anthony Lena
2nd Place – Mark Verge
3rd Place – Dan Staples 

Hairband Competition
1st Place – Anthony Lena
2nd Place – Stephanie Gintz Morace 
3rd Place – David Marcus 

Balloon Dress Competition 
1st Place – Debbie Verge Stevens
2nd Place – Yoko Azuma
3rd Place – Jason Cochran
People’s Choice — Debbie Verge Stevens

Balloon Costume Competition 
1st Place – Carolynn Hayman
2nd Place – Robbie Furman, CBA
3rd Place – Laural Schultze 
People’s Choice — Robbie Furman, CBA

Stage Competition 
1st Place – Martin Lemire
2nd Place – Kokof Charlot
3rd Place – Robbie Furman, CBA
People’s Choice – Martin Lemire

Uninflated Sculpture 
1st – Marie Dadow
2nd – Morgan Buisseret 
3rd – Jeff D’Ambrosio

Small Sculpture 
1st – Stephanie Gintz Morace
2nd – Dennis Scott, CBA
3rd – Anthony Lena

Medium Sculpture
1st – Stephanie Morace
2nd – Marie Dadow
3rd – Dan Staples

Large Sculpture
1st – Mark Verge
2nd – Derek Wong, CBA
3rd – Kelly Sashimi