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This balloon course for beginners will address all aspects of working with balloons, from basic skills to creative designs, as well as the business essentials necessary to starting a professional balloon business. The class will consist of a combination of demonstrations, presentations and hands-on work.

LEVEL: Beginner

The instructor will demonstrate different balloon types and correct use of equipment and inflation, as well as how to create profitable classic and on-trend designs. This also covers pricing and marketing your work.

These are the topics covered during the class:

  • Qualatex Latex range
  • Equipment overview
  • Air-filled design ideas
  • Pricing your work
  • Qualatex Microfoil & Bubble balloons
  • Organic Designs
  • Helium Inflation

With members of the Qualatex team on hand to assist, there will be lots of opportunity to ask questions and network with experienced professionals and other delegates.

INCLUDES: A comprehensive, full-colour manual that will function as a valuable reference guide, which includes information on float times, basic design principles, pricing, and more. Participants will receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

PREREQUISITES: Open to all delegates. Experience in the balloon industry or knowledge of industry terms and techniques is not required.

PRICING: £100 plus VAT



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