UK Bubble Tour: Walsall

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  • Training Course

A Bubble Mini-Masterclass! Everything you ever wanted to know about Bubble balloons but were afraid to ask! Join Julie Dunham, CBA, and Lucy Hennessey, CBA, from the Qualatex team, for a half-day mini-masterclass with the amazing Bubble Balloon™.

Whether you're new to Bubbles or simply looking for some new on-trend ideas, this fun-filled mini-masterclass will both inspire you and help you grow your balloon business! Julie and Lucy will showcase:

  • Personalisation,
  • Stuffing techniques,
  • Tried and tested inflation tips and tricks,

all whilst creating a host of inspirational designs with Qualatex Single, Double and Deco Bubble Balloons!

Featuring demos and hands-on work, and with Q&As and Help clinics too, it's one not to miss! Did we mention there will be special offers and freebies, including your own Bubble Balloon creations to take away?

Registration: £30+VAT

Participating Distributor: Greetings House

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