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Palette of the Month: Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun

This palette of pretty pastels evokes the hope of changing seasons with gentle showers and blooming daffodils! 

Lemon Dew


Rose Peach


Aqua Shimmer

Summer Love

These stunning, bold hues will bring a bit of elegance and happiness to any celebration and brighten any room!

Moon Dust

Sandy Beach


Chrome Gold

Desert Orange

Cactus Blossom


Put a modern twist on your typical rainbow hues with this soft, colourful palette. A fantastic choice for a birthday or baby shower.


Orange Chalk

Tropical Teal

Pale Blue

Spring Lilac

Peach Blossom

This pretty palette is the perfect amount of soft and sweet, making it the perfect go-to for an elegant baby shower or birthday.

Pink Chalk

Soft Orange

Chrome Rose Gold

Teddy Bear

The calming shades of browns mixed with Eggshell and Smokey Blue create a palette as soothing as your childhood teddy bear - perfect for a baby shower.


Smoky Blue

Mocha Brown

Chocolate Brown


Super soft and elegant are two words to describe this lovely combo of neutrals mixed with Snowy Pine - a wonderful palette for a baby shower.

Bridal Blush

Winter Wheat

Snowy Pine

Flower Child

This groovy palette is sure to bring the fun to any 60s or 70s themed party! Can you dig it?

Ivory Silk



Tropical Teal

Bohemian Bliss

The mixture of shiny Chrome colours with earthy neutrals gives this palette the perfect eclectic, bohemian vibe.

Bridal Blush

Pink Chalk

Winter Wheat

Chrome® Mauve

Chrome® Copper

Fierce Neutrals

Neutrals, but make them extra! This palette takes neutrals to the next level by mixing in the Black & White SuperAgate and Chrome Gold. A great palette for a birthday or upscale event.

Bridal Blush


Chrome® Gold

Onyx Black


This stunning combo of Chrome Rose Gold mixed with Toasted Almond and Bridal Blush will make you want to raise a glass and cheers! A stunning palette for a wedding or milestone birthday.

Bridal Blush

Toasted Almond

Rose Gold


Give your next safari-themed party an elevated look with this sophisticated palette. The dusty, muted colours are fun while refined!

Winter Wheat

Gold Ochre

Cocoa Delight

Harvest Evening

Winter Daydream

This unconventional holiday palette is a bohemian dream. The combination of dusty blush with the elegance of gold and rose gold gives this palette life far beyond the holidays.

Dusty Blush

Chrome® Gold

Chrome® Rose Gold

Pumpkin Spice

Fall-inspired, this palette is incredibly warm and inviting. An elevated take on the colours and coziness of the season – perfect for a wedding.

Bridal Blush

Toasted Almond

Chrome Rose Gold

Desert Orange

Pastel Rainbow

Pastels and rainbows have been creepin’ their way into every holiday more and more each year and Halloween is no exception. A soft twist on what is traditionally a spooky holiday, this not-so-scary palette is perfect for a kid’s Halloween party or baby shower.

Rose Chalk

Yellow Chalk

Teal Chalk

Lilac Chalk

Halloween Glam

Halloween doesn’t always need to be traditional colours and this stunning palette is proof of that. The unexpected mixture of shiny and matte purples, soft orange, and black is simply boo-tiful!



Chrome Mauve

Onyx Black

Autumn Chic

This gorgeous palette is sure to keep you feeling warm through the cool Autumn months. Inspired by the rich colours of red wine and softness of fall grasses, it embodies the elegance of fall.

Pearl Peach


Chrome Rose Gold

Sparkling Burgundy

Oh My Gourd!

This cozy combo of deep navy and burnt orange is an Autumn dream. The perfect palette to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for any event.

Pearl White

Pearl Peach


Desert Orange

Pearl Midnight Blue

Magic Spell

Leave your customers spellbound with this wickedly fresh Halloween-inspired palette. From the moody purples to the pastel pink, it's simply spooktacular!

Rose Chalk

Teal Chalk

Caribbean Blue

Spring Lilac

Chrome® Silver

Purple Violet

Onyx Black

Chrome® Copper

Sweet Baby

Subtle and soft are the words to describe this colour palette. With a monochromatic colour harmony and the addition of a neutral brown tint, this understated colour scheme fits many celebrations, including baby showers, birthday parties, and bachelorette festivities!

Peach Nectar

Winter Wheat

Soft Pink

Soft Coral

Berry Stain

This oh-so pretty palette is perfect for birthdays or any occasion that calls for lots of pink & purple! As an analogous colour harmony, Berry Stain is soothing and sophisticated.

Cactus Flower

Amethyst Orchid

Lilac Snow

Chive Blossom

Cloudy Sky

Sophisticated and moody, in all the right ways, this stunning blue palette is sure to add a calm and soothing vibe to any event!

Chrome® Blue

Dusty Light Blue

Dark Gray

Dazzling Blue

Warm & Cozy

Inspired by autumn leaves and fall treats, this palette invokes a feeling of being nestled up under a blanket with a warm cup of coffee.


Burgundy Chrome

Chocolate Brown



This palette is an expedition into the wild! Inspired by hues found in nature, this warm colour combo is popular for baby showers and children’s birthday parties.

Red Mahogany

Forest Green

Desert Orange


A Very Chrome® Christmas

Rudolph's nose won't be the only thing shining bright this Christmas! Light up any holiday event, big or small, with this dazzling Chrome palette.

Chrome® Silver

Chrome® Gold

Emerald Chrome

Ruby Chrome

Very Peri

Inspired by the 2022 Pantone colour of the year, this “Very Peri” colour palette incorporates frosty Chrome hues and SuperAgate textures to bring the new multidimensional colour to life.

Frosted Peri

Peri Swirl

Royal Iris

Violet Mist

Be Mine

You simply can't go wrong with this classic palette of red, pink and ivory silk for Valentine's Day!

Ivory Silk




Neutrals never go out of style. This stunning palette is not only easy on the eyes, but will elevate the vibe of any celebration. 

Bridal Blush

Dark Mocha

Cameo Pink

Champagne Taupe

Soft Greens

These green hues are as stunning as the Caribbean sea! They give a sense of calm while also making a bold statement.


Pearl Mint Green

Pearl Emerald Green

Chrome Green

Vibrant Greens

Give your palette a little punch by adding one, or all, of our vibrant greens! These green hues will add a fun and energetic vibe to any celebration! 

Lime Green


Green Rainbow SuperAgate

Spring Green