Qualatex products are made to go together! From unique Microfoil special shapes and 18” rounds, to gorgeous Bubble Balloons, and every Qualatex latex colour, they’re a match made in balloon heaven!

Did you know Qualatex Microfoil balloons are created to coordinate with other Qualatex balloons? For example, special shapes nearly always have an 18” round partner. Many Bubble Balloons also coordinate perfectly with Microfoil balloons! And nothing pairs better with Microfoil designs than Qualatex latex balloons! That’s because Pioneer designers use the exact Qualatex latex colours to create the palettes used in the Microfoil designs! From an initial idea to final production, creating collections of coordinating products is always top of mind.

What makes Qualatex Microfoil balloons so special?

Each Microfoil balloon goes through a rigorous design process. Some special shape balloons go through as many as 23 prototypes before landing on a final design! The designers say creating a unique shape is a lot like creating a sculpture in that they are constantly adding or subtracting areas of the contour to bring to life a pleasing design. Knowing how, where, and why to make these subtle changes is where the design team excels.

Learn how the Pioneer Balloon Company team designs Qualatex Microfoil balloons

It’s Pioneer’s attention to design detail that makes creating a helium-filled bouquet or air-filled arrangement a seamless process. Simply choose your focal balloon, possibly a Microfoil shape, add in its Microfoil and Bubble Balloon partners, and top it all off with coordinating latex! Bonus points for finding the latex prints that were made to match the Microfoil designs!

Check out a few of our recent coordinating ranges:

Learn about the Qualatex Microfoil Quality Assurance process

Interested in learning about the makeup of Qualatex Microfoil balloons? Nerd out on this explanation from our President, Ted A. Vlamis!