Corporate sponsorship of Pride parades around the world has steadily increased in recent years. From Starbucks to Disney, more and more global corporations are taking part in the festivities, and that means plenty of opportunity for balloon partnerships with world-renowned clients!

In 2017, Stuart Davies, CBA, spearheaded the decor design that Disney used in their award-winning first participation at the London Pride parade. 

Here are Stuart’s Top 5 Tips for Pride Parades

Design like you are in a big room.  Don’t forget the Principles and Elements of Design just because you are outside.  Exactly like when I designed for the World Balloon Convention Welcome Event in the giant marquee, I always consider repetition, unity, and balance of the design. This will give your displays more impact.
Movement. With the displays being carried or worn, you can create a differing display from the movement of the person carrying it. Consider the impact of the pole being twirled or the person moving. You can look at synchronisation or elements within a design that will create a unique look as they are being moved, or the synchronisation of several pieces being moved that will create fun and fascinating displays that would not be viable if they were just standing still.
Functionality.  Giant displays do make an impact, but you need to consider moving the display. How easy are the displays to carry or wear? Consider that the marchers will be holding these designs for hours! They may only be balloons, but you try holding a huge pole with balloons for several hours!
Weather.  When you are outside you obviously have to consider what impact the weather will have on your designs. Sun and heat, cold or windy, be sure to keep in mind what impact will this have on your designs.
Health and safety.  Always consider the safety of the marchers and those watching the parades. I always use the RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement) system to look at risks. Not only do you need to think about how you create the designs, but also how they will be used and carried, plus the environment they will be used in.
Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Pride Parade

Parade Decor Basics 

Not sure where to start with parade decor?  Here are four popular types of balloon designs used at parades:

  1. Floats: a decorated platform, either built on a vehicle like a truck or towed behind one on a trailer.  Balloons may be accents on an existing float, or they may take center stage with a full float made out of balloon sculptures.
  2. Parade poles: balloons attached to a pole that is carried throughout the parade route. Ideally, your parade pole is designed to wave around in the air and interact with the crowd. 
  3. Balloon letters: parade poles shaped like letters. They can be used to spell out a company name or words that deliver the message the client wants to send. 
  4. Balloon backpacks: balloon designs carried on the shoulders like a backpack. Wearing a balloon backpack keeps your hands free for other things like tossing candy or carrying a parade pole. 

New Pride Designs 

The Rainbow Stripes 18” Heart Microfoil is perfect for pride decor or deliveries like these two designs by Eve Antonello, CBA.

Rainbow Pride Centerpiece

Put pride on display with this rainbow-themed centerpiece topped with the “Rainbow Stripes” Microfoil® Heart with white vinyl customization!

QBN Members: Download the image

Swirling Rainbow “P-R-I-D-E” 

Say it loud, say it proud with this display of “Rainbow Stripes” Microfoil® Hearts and rainbow-colored Qualatex® balloons with white vinyl customization!

QBN Members: Download the image

QBN Exclusive

QBN members, log in to view a tutorial video by Eve to learn how to create this circular base using duplets.

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